Purchasing a camper trailer can be an overwhelming and exciting experience, filled with a rollercoaster of emotions: excitement, happiness, anticipation, and – more than likely – a few nerves.

It’s a major investment and an important asset to protect against loss or damage. So before you hitch up and drive off into the horizon, it’s critical that you’ve done your research and chosen the best insurance cover to suit your needs.

There are lots of companies out there these days offering insurance to camper trailer owners, but with factors like where you keep your camper or what adventures you plan to take it on and what you will or won’t be covered for, it’s easy to get confused.

That’s why Lifestyle Camper Trailers has spent the time researching and reviewing which Insurers offer not only the best cover to meet your needs, but will work to get you safely back on the road as fast as they can, with no hassle and as little inconvenience as possible.

Which is why we highly recommend CIL Insurance. Catering for all types of Camper Trailers  and offering protection for however you use it, CIL will provide you with peace of mind before you set out on your next adventure.

Choose from third party cover for damage to someone else’s property, or treat your home away from home to their comprehensive package covering both your camper trailer and its contents.


Why we recommend CIL Insurance

CIL can provide cover under the Secure Caravan PDS for your camper trailer anywhere in Australia against:

  • Storm, hail and flood
  • Accidental and malicious damage
  • Fire and explosion
  • Electrical motor burnout

At no extra cost, you are also covered for:

  • A new replacement camper trailer if it is a total loss within 2 years of registration of the camper trailer.
  • Automatic contents cover of up to $1,000.
  • Authorised emergency repairs if your camper trailer cannot be towed after an accident.
  • Alternative accommodation expenses up to $150 a day if your camper trailer is not fit to live in following an accident or a loss.
  • Reasonable costs to collect and deliver your camper trailer back to you following accident repairs, if the repairer is more than 100kms from your home.
  • Removal and storage of your camper trailer after an accident if it cannot be towed.
  • $20 million camper trailer legal liability and $20 million personal liability.
  • CIL can also insure camper trailers permanently on-site.

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When making decisions about CIL’s insurance policies you should consider the applicable Product Disclosure Statement.