Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Potential Lifestyle Camper Trailer Owners:

Why don’t I just buy a second hand Lifestyle Camper Trailer?

Good question, at any given time there can be quite a few Lifestyle Camper Trailers up for sale on the open market BUT there are a few things to be carefully considered.

The first is that there is no warranty on a second hand camper trailer, no matter what brand it is.

The second is the tent, over the last few years we have had several people get caught out by buying a camper trailer with a tent that has previously had mould – the mould have been scrubbed out before the sale but that has rendered the canvas far from water proof – in most cases the only solution is a complete tent change which can add up to five thousand dollars.

And finally, because there is no odometer or service history on a camper trailer it is impossible to tell the true history of a camper trailer so it really is a buyer beware situation – and in most cases the used camper trailers are very close to or at times more expensive than a new unit – buying a new Lifestyle Camper Trailer offer sensational value for money, a stress free purchase and the manufacturers backing during future use.

OK, we like what we see, what Next?

Click on the model that attracts you the most on our web site, click on the Optional Extras you think will suit your camping needs (you are not locked into these Optional Extras – things can be changed and swapped) and send through a quote request – Darren Smart will personally see to your quote and help out as much as possible from the moment you make contact.

But before you go any further here is a very good question to ask yourself:

‘With so many brands to choose from,  purchasing the right camper trailer to suit all of your needs is not an easy task so in such a competitive market why have thousands of couples and families decided on a Lifestyle Camper Trailer for all of their future holiday adventures?’

‘And more importantly, how is it that all of these people are completely satisfied with their purchase?’

E-mail Brand Manager Darren Smart direct on [email protected]

What else should I know?

Your tow vehicle will need to be fitted with a Brake Controller and if your camper trailer has a 12v System an Anderson Plug will need to be fitted to your vehicle as well – but don’t stress, we walk you through all of that information once you have purchased.

I don’t live in Brisbane, what if there is a warranty issue?

Our valued customers have been criss-crossing Australia for 15 years now so we are able to handle any warranty, servicing or repairs at just about any location in Australia.

Can I add options to the camper trailer after I have used it a few times?

Yes – there isn’t a week that goes by that a current customer doesn’t up-grade their camper trailer in some form or another.

Is Finance available?

Absolutely, we work with a company called Ask4Finance – they have a very similar customer focus as we do and the feedback from the many people who have used them to pay for their camper trailer is extremely good – their phone number is 1300 769 177

What is the waiting time?

More often than not we can supply from stock but when it comes to a camper trailer that has a lot of personal options it can take between three and six weeks from deposit to completion.

How do I get to see one these camper trailers?

We go to 25 Caravan and Camping Shows every year so there is a strong chance that we will come to a town near you at some stage each year and we do have a full showroom at 7 Monte St, Slacks Creek.

If I buy this camper trailer, where can I go?

Lifestyle Camper Trailer customers have traversed every outback track or trail on the Australian continent – all without one problem with the chassis – we make em’ tough so get out there and explore this great country of ours. In saying that, many of our customers are just as happy to set up at their favourite caravan park and relax by the pool.

Is Independent Suspension necessary?

There is no definite answer here; it really comes down to budget. If you are looking at traversing the harshest roads in Australia on a regular basis Independent Suspension will give your camper trailer more suspension travel thus offering your camping gear a smoother ride.

In saying that, Leaf Spring was been around for many years and 100s of Lifestyle Camper Trailers have already tackled the toughest track in Australia using high quality Leaf Spring Suspension. We would be delighted to discuss this further with you.

Is my tow vehicle suitable?

Despite offering a Heavy Duty Off-Road Chassis, Lifestyle Camper Trailers only weigh between 800kg to 950kg depending on model – the tow ball weight is 80 to 90kg – your average tow weight with all of your camping gear will be around 1100kg to 1200kg meaning that most SUVs and definitely any 6 Cylinder Sedans/Wagons or 4WD will be able to tow a Lifestyle Camper Trailer with ease – if you are not sure please send through the model and year of your tow vehicle and we will let you know.

Where do I put my fridge?

The Elite Front Boot comes with a Fridge Box Conversion that includes 2 x Vents and 1 x Heavy Duty 12v outlet in the Front Boot – this is ideal for campers with Big 80 Litre Plus Fridges or a 2nd Fridge/Freezer. We can fit this Front Boot to any of our models

For campers with your standard 50 to 80 litres Fridge, the perfect place to store it while in transit is on the passenger side of the Walkthru area in front of the Bed. There is a 12v Outlet right there to keep power to the fridge and when set-up for camp it is just a matter of carrying the fridge a few steps to set it up near the kitchen – no need for expensive/heavy fridge slides.

What are the storage options?

Every Lifestyle Camper Trailer comes with the following to store your camping gear in:

– Trailer Tub Area of 2200mm Long/1200mm Wide/500mm Deep
– Walkthru Area – 1825mm Long/600mm Wide/500mm Deep
– Aluminium Kitchen Box with Gas Strut Operated Drop Down Aluminium Shelf/Door
– Drawbar Mounted Toolbox and Pole Holder
– 2 x Jerry Can Holders
– 2 x Gas Bottle Rings
– Custom Tonneau Cover for Store all of your Bedding

The Elite and the Elite Drifta comes with all of the above as well as Sealed Integrated Lockable Doors down each side of the camper trailer.

What are the kitchen options?

All models come with an 80 Litre Water Tank plumbed up to the tap next to the stainless steel sink which is mounted into a powder-coated Aluminium Kitchen Box with Gas Strut Operated Drop Down Aluminium Shelf/Door – from there all of the below items can be added or be part of the standard set-up (depending on the model you choose) to create a well thought out, light weight and functional kitchen area.

– Kitchen Bench Extension
-2-Burner SMEV Stove with Gas Regulator
– 12v Water Pump with the Trigger Shower Tap
– Utensil Draw
– Slide Out Timber Pantry
– Under Kitchen Box Shelf

The Elite Drifta model comes standard with the state of the art Drifta DPO Kitchen which features a Full Pantry, 6 x Draws, a Fridge Slide, Return, 3 Burner Stove, Stainless Steel Sink and Flick Mixer Tap.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

All Lifestyle Camper Trailers come with a Queen Size Inner Spring/Pillow Top Mattress of the highest quality for the adults to sleep on – traditionally the children can sleep on the fully sewn in Heavy Duty PVC Floor in the tent on Blow-Up Mattresses or Stretcher Beds.

For the larger families the Tent area can be increased from 10ft to 12ft and a Drawbar Side Room can be added to the front of the tent – whether there is 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 people in the family, we have a solution.

What 12v Options are available?

Our basic 12v System starts at the Anderson Plug at the front of the camper trailer (this connects to your tow vehicle and charges your batteries while in transit) through to the Fuse Box, 3 x 12v Outlets and a Duel Battery Tray.

From there you can add batteries (WE SELL THEM FOR WHOLESALE), a 240v Battery Charger, a DC to DC Charger (Increases the charge from your tow vehicle to the battery) and an Inverter (to run 240v Appliances from your Batteries).

And to keep the charge in your batteries while camping we can help out with Solar Panels and the monitoring of the state of your batteries via a Digital Battery Gauge.

What do I need to spend if I want a good quality camper trailer?

While our base model starts at $11,950.00 but all of our models offer value for money well beyond the asking price – it just depends on what is important to you and your camping requirements – our aim is to always offer quality and service to match each customer’s budget.

What about Warranty?

We offer a 5 Year Warranty on the Chassis while Wax Converters offers a 5 Year Warranty on the Canvas – all other ‘bolt-on’ items are covered by the individual suppliers warranty.

Is it a Quick Set-Up?

The Tent area only needs four pegs, four poles and two ropes so that can be done in no time at all – in fact, for an overnight stay you could stand a tent up in the matter of minutes. The annex takes a little longer but we make it as easy as possible by having every pole numbered while none of the poles can be put in the wrong position – there is an audio/visual presentation on Youtube on how to set-up and pull-down and we give written instructions with pole diagrams to make sure it all goes smoothly. Many of our customer brag about setting everything up in less than 20 minutes.

Is buying Australian Made Important?

Absolutely! Unfortunately there is not a week that goes by where families are let down one way or another by their imported camper trailer – be it the chassis, suspension or brakes failing or the tent leaking or falling apart – putting the safety factors aside, having your well earned holidays ruined because of a poor choice of camper trailer is surely not the way you want to proceed.

Why are you not part of the Australian Manufactured Camper Trailers Guild?

We completely support the concept of the guild but we are one of the longest serving camper trailer companies on the market today and our reputation as a ‘manufacturer’ of high quality Australian made camper trailers serves us and our customers extremely well.

Is it Australian Made?

YES! The complete chassis is made from scratch in our Brisbane facility from high grade BHP Supagal steel while all of the ‘bolt-on’ components are all locally sourced. The tent is sewn together locally and manufactured from Australian made Wax Converters Dyna Proof Canvas.

Is this company reputable?

Lifestyle Camper Trailers is a family owned company that has been designing, manufacturing and retailing Australian Made Heavy Duty Off-Road Camper Trailers for over 15 years and have a reputation for offering a high quality product backed by customer service second to none.