I note all your Caravans, HyperCampers and Camper Trailers don’t have internal cooking facilities as standard and only available as an option, is there a reason for this?

Posted on Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

We will happily fit internal cooking facilities if requested by our client depending on the model being purchased, however we are dedicated heavy duty, off-road manufacturers and our aim is to build vehicles that will allow you to take them anywhere you can take your car. One of the challenges is to alleviate dust and water ingress so the less aperture openings we install the more chance we have of keeping dust and water out. It is an absolute requirement under the Gas Regulations that when you have cooking facilities inside the Caravan, HyperCamper or Camper Trailer additional vents must be added, high (on the roof) and low (at the bottom of the door) as a minimum. The regulations clearly state what size these vents need to be and they are there for your safety. You are not allowed to cover the vents while traveling on dusty or wet tracks, it would make your Caravan, HyperCamper or Camper Trailer illegal. Experience has told us the less apertures or vents you have the higher chance you have of keeping water and dust out. No internal cooking keeps the number of vents down and we all know there is nothing better than cooking outside while you are camping!

We fit many internal cooking facilities and we highly recommend you discuss this question further with our team throughout your decision-making process.